*New* Line marking machine

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*New* Line marking machine

We have recently taken delivery of our new line marking machine. We are one of the first grounds maintenance firms in the area to offer this service. Please get in touch to dicuss any of your line marking needs and to see what we can offer.              

Building maintenance

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Building maintenance

Building maintenance A new brick retaining wall installed at a School to replace the old perished / unsafe wall. Turfing / Block Paving / Brick and Stonework can be quoted for, along with other building maintenance work.    

Pathway clearance

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Pathway clearance

Pathways can be kept clear of snow and ice by road salt application and snow clearing.

Pitch renovation

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Pitch renovation

Now is the time to consider your requirements for autumn sports pitch renovation work including: Harrowing, fertilizer application, aeration, and over-seeding. Seasonal pitch renovation is essential to maintaining a quality-playing surface throughout the year.

Thermoplastic markings – Activity trails

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    Following the recent publication of the Government’s Action Plan to get children more physically active, particularly within the school environment, we are excited to announce that we are extending our popular line of thermoplastic playground markings to include customisable activity trails. The report recommends initiatives such as the daily mile, active lessons, and ...

Thermoplastic markings

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    Our thermoplastic fun markings are a fantastic and cost-effective way of brightening up your playground and encouraging children to get active during the school day. We offer an extensive range of thermoplastic designs, including: -Traditional playground games -Board games and number grids -Sports courts -Clocks and compasses -Mazes -Road tracks -Shapes and footprints ...

Road salt

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  Don’t forget to order your Brown or White de-icing salt. Delivered to site in handy 25kg bags. With some freezing temperatures forecast make sure you have enough road salt to keep the pathways safe. We offer a salt delivery service and are able to top up your salt bins if required. High quality Salt ...

Norwegian candles

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Norwegian candles

  Produce a quick, easy, and self-sustained camp fire with these Norwegian Candles (Viking Logs). One log will burn up to 2 hours, and provide light and warmth. ideal for Forest Schools, Adventure Groups etc. The Norwegian logs shown are made by Green Scythe Ltd and can be delivered to site ready for your Forest ...

Sports days

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Line marking for Summer athletics and school sports days. If you would like to contact us with a date we can make sure we have everything prepared for you sports day.  

Seasoned hardwood

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Seasoned hardwood logs for sale delivered to your door   We can supply firewood logs in bulk bags or loose loads. Well seasoned mixture of hardwoods. Well seasoned softwood/ hardwood 50/50 mix. Ideal for wood burning stoves.   Call for prices.