Grass maintenance

All types of grassed areas can be managed and maintained. From a regular cutting and strimming regime around fine turf areas such as recreation fields and play areas, to sown margin strips around field perimeters and headlands. In addition to this any ornamental banks can be strimmed and kept clear of growth with perhaps a colourful bulb planting scheme to follow. Ditches can also be kept clear of unwanted growth to assist with drainage.

Rough areas of unused ground that can often attract both litter deposits and other debris can soon turn in to unsightly and untidy patches of ground. These can be transformed into conservation sites with a ground clearance program, followed by a planting program of mixed wild flowers and grasses, shrubs, and trees. These sites can then be managed with Annual or Biannual cuts of the grass growth to allow the flowers a chance to thrive. Walkways and trim trails can also be cut if required that will have the benefit of allowing access to the site as well as preventing the area looking unkempt and forlorn.